Shadowrun: Chum Bucket

GM Comments

sorry to need to do this

this is all out of character GM comments

Good news first

This RP/Gaming group is Hot as in on fire with the number of people that have been asking daily to join us. Nothing can make me happier than to hear that. The General Quality of players is also a good sign for me especially those with actual GM experience or willingness to Step up and take the reins for a bit as we go on. So Far the number of interested players is now up to 11! What to do with that number is a discussion for another post. Part of me wants to have a CO-GM running 2 groups that are playing in the same world. Sort of an “expanded universe” events that take place in one group can impact the other also players would be able to swap between the 2 groups. Honestly I am not sure the feasibility of it but on the other hand 2 GM’s are better than one for this.

Now some of the Bad news

Conduct at the table I didn’t think I would need to bring something like this up but one player made a character background to what I can only speculate was attempting to offend as many people as possible. I am asking him not to return at least for our RP sessions. Maybe something like that may have been funny or even interesting in another group but I will not allow it at my table. As such I am going to ask our Infiltrator character not to return. Please don’t consider this in anyway homophobic but as attempt to drug and rape a team mate is a nono in my group so I am going to ask him to leave.

I want the table to be a place of laughs, interest and something that you are thinking about long after everyone has left the table. Its a place of enjoyment and fun. while the play style of the table may go from “Diceless Role-Play” to tactical Wargames of Zap. depending on the group and the mood. I personally enjoy both settings and a good mix of each. This is as long as the table rules are not broken.

But Rule #1 is the table is a place for fun but not fun at the expense of others.

I hope the interest in this group grows into something new and unexpected and a place where everyone is thinking about whats going to happen at our next session.

GM Rant mode off


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