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Elf Technomancer


Body: 2
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 1
Charisma: 4
Intution: 4
Logic: 5
Willpower 4
Resonance 5
Edge 2

Erased (1 Week), Paragon (The Black Hat)

Allergy Iron (mild), Amnesia (Past), Lost Love One (wife), Flashbacks (uncommon) (wounded), Day Job (10hrs/Web Spider)

Mr. Smily (fixer) (con: 2, Loyalty 2)
Blogger (con: 2, loyalty 1)
Technomancer Sensi (Con 2, Loyalty 3)


Skill groups
Cracking: 4

  • Cybercombat [Logic] 4/9
  • Electronic Warfare [Logic] 4/9
  • Hacking [Logic] 4/9

Electronics: 3 (Computer, Data Search, Hardware, Software)

  • Computer [Logic] 3/8
  • Data Search [Logic] 3/8
  • Hardware [Logic] 3/8
  • Software [Logic] 3/8

Tasking: 4

  • Compiling [res] 4/9
  • Decompiling [res] 4/9
  • Registering [res] 4/9

Active Skills
Con: [Charisma] 2/6
Dodge: 1 [Reaction] 1/4
Palming: 2 [Agility] 2/6
Perception: [Intuition] 2/6
Pistols (semi-Automatics): [agility] 1/5(7)


Japanese (n), English 4/8, French 1/5
Data Havens: 5 [pool 9]
Security Design (Matrix): 4/8(10)
Security Tactics (Corporate): 3/8(10)
Shadow Comunity: 3/7
Underworld (Matrix Crime) 4/8(10)

Complex Forms
Shield 5; Analyze 4; Browse 3; Command 3; Scan 4; Attack 5; Decrypt 3; ECCM 4; Exploit 5; stealth 5;

Sleuth Sprite Rating 6 Services 4 (Exploit, Scan)

Street Gear
Form Fitting Full Body Suit Ballistic: 8 Impact: 2
(Kevlar-Threading, Non-Conductive 4, Biomonitor, auto-injector)

Savalette Guardian: Damage: 7/(8)P RC: 4 AP: 1/ Mode SA/BF Ammo 15c Conceal -1
(Smartgun System, Ammo-Skip System, Gas Vent 3,Extended Clip, High-Power Chambering)
Ammo: 40 Hollow Point, 40 Stick-n-Shock skip loaded
in a Concealable Holster

Contact Lenses [Rating 3] (Smart-link, Image Link, Flare Compensation)

Custom Commlink [Response 5, Signal 5, Firewall 6, System 6] Sim Module (Hot), Satellite Link
FTL Matrixware Power Suite (Analyze 3, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4, Purge 5, Scan 2)
Pocket Hacker (Pilot 3, Browse 3, Exploit 3, Stealth 3)

Maglock Passkey (R4)
Autopicker (R6)
Fake Sin (R4) John Doe
Fake License (R4) Savalette Guardian
Trauma Patch x1
Stimulant Patch (R5) x2
Keycard Copier (R6)

Dodge Scoot (Drone Rack mini) Body 4/2
Pilot 3, Firewall 3, Signal 3, Response 3, System 3

Micro-Tapper Bug (minidrone) Hand: 1 Accel 2/10/10 Body 0/0
pilot 3, Firewall 3, Signal 3, Response 3, System 3

Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (mini-drone) Hand: 1 Accel 3/15/30 Body 1/1
Pilot 3, Firewall 3, Signal 3, Response 3, System 3

  • Chameleon Coating
  • Improved Sensor Array (Camera 2x, Microphone 6, Thermographic, Directional Microphone)
  • Gecko Tips
  • Targeting 4 (close Combat)
  • Bio:

    X-Corp net Spider who got hit hard with a net spike from a shadowrun attack. Building and Net blewup leaving with no memory a new found ability to naturally comunicate with the matrix (awakened Technomancer) now with out a sin he makes his life in the shadows trying to find his past before it finds him.

    He has a part time job as a Bike Messenger which he has used to get net access behind the firewalls

    No chummer John Doe isn’t my real name quite frankly I am not sure what is. Last couple of years I have been trying to piece together my past with very little luck. I get flashbacks sometimes of a wife (I think) and maybe a family. But only glimpses of my past and this is usually before I pass out. I believe I was a regular old Wageslave working at Renracu (sp?) well that was the facility where I was found at or at least what was left of it. Right now its just a crater and rubble with bits and pieces of wage slaves thrown in. Lovely huh? I don’t remember much of that time apparently I was wandering around for weeks (months?) before I got my senses yet. Everytime I tried to go to one of the facilities I almost get shot at the door. Guards say no trace of your ident in our systems bub now get lost before you end up in the morgue. I have been able to piece together at least this much I was working hot sim on a project when the entire corpnet had a spike.

    now I find my self without a sin a name or much money and there is not much you can do without a sin living on the street no fun woke up in a clinic one day with the name john doe stuck to my file. I guess thats the last time I eat out of a dumpster again. there have been a few advantages since then though I think every since the corp net crash spike or what ever. I have been able to feel the net around me I still carry around my old com around out of habit. But it has opened up a world of possibilities. I do some odd jobs hear and there now work as a bike messenger these days. Its amazing where you
    can get into when your invisable. Drop my com off at the door building policy no prob. Heres your package (and what an interesting net you have here). working in the shadows well thats where I am now.

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