Covert Operations Specialist


Race: Elf (30 BP)
Starting Nuyen 9000
Lifestyle High (1 Month)
Karma Total: 20/Current: 0
Street Cred: 2
Notoreity: 1
Public Awareness: 1

Attributes (210 BP)
Body 3 Agility 5/8 Reaction 4/6 Strength 3 Charsma 4 Intuition 4 Logic 4 Willpower 3 Edge 3 Essence 2.6 Initiatve 8/10 Initiative Passes: 1/3

Active Skills (152 BP)
Athletics Skill Group 3 (A/S/B)
Automatics (SMG) 2 (A)
Close Combat Skill Group 3 (A)
Con 3 ©
Etiquette 3 ©
Escape Artist 2 (A +2)
Perception 2 (I)
Pilot Ground Craft (Bikes) 1®
Stealth Skill Group 4 (A/I)
Throwing Weapons 2 (A)

Knowledge Skills (24 Free BP)
Corporate Politics: 2 (L)
Safe Houses: 3 (L)
Security Procedures: 3 (L)
Security Systems: 3 (L)
Street Drugs: 3 (I)
Underworld Politics: 3 (L)

Spanish: Native
English: 3 (I)
Japanese: 2 (I)
Russian: 2 (I)

Qualities (-20 BP)
Double Jointed (5 BP)
Erased (10 BP)
Addiction (moderate, nitro) (-10 BP)
Vindictive (-10 BP)
Enemy Connection 2/Frequency 1 (Total Rating 3; -15 BP)

Contacts (8 BP)
Mr. Johnson (Real Name: Gonzalo Lopez) Loyalty 1/Connection 3
Armorer (Manuel) Loyalty 2/Connection 2

Cyberware and Bioware
Wired Reflexes 2
Muscle Toner 3

Katana Attack Dice Pool: 11, Damage: 5P, -1 AP, Reach 1
Ingram Smartgun X Attack Dice Pool: 12, Damage: 5 P, AP: 0, Modes: SA/BF/FA, RC: 2/3, Ammo: 32 (5 clips), Notes: Smartlinked, silenced, detachable folding stock
5 Flash Paks
5 Smoke Grenades

Chameleon Suit with Thermal Dampening Rating 4 (Ballistic 6/Impact 4)

Hermes Icon with Novatech Navi OS (Response 4/System 4/Firewall 3/Signal 3) with programs: Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4; and sim module, subvocal microphone, trodes, AR gloves, and satellite link

Suzuki Mirge (+2 Handling, Acceleration: 20/50, Speed: 200, Pilot 1, Body 6, Armo 4, Sensor 1)

Gear (20 BP: 100,000¥)
Glasses wth smartlink, imagelink, flare compensation, and thermographic vision
Earbuds with audio enhancement rating 3
10 doses of nitro (street combat drug)
Jammer (Area, rating 4)
Gas Mask
2 containers of nanopaste disguise
Grapplegun with climbing gear, rapelling gloves and 200 m of stealth rope and catalyst stick
Gecko Tape gloves
Autopicker rating 4
Wire Clippers
Maglock Passkey
Monofilament Chainsaw
Keycard copier rating 4
Medkit rating 6
2 Fake SINS rating 6


Real Name: Jennifer “Jen” Ortega
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Nationality: Half-Mexican, Half-Colombian
Height: 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Birthplace: Medellín, Aztlan
Current Residence: Denver, Front Range Free Zone
Citizenships: Pueblo Corporate Council, Aztlan
Current Employer: Self-employed runner and hitwoman
Known Affiliations: Chavez Mafia, the Koshari, Vory Mafia, Yakuza
Known Enemies: Triads, Humanis Polyclub, Ghost Cartels, Kabul Maffiya, Al-Akhirah

Dossier: Born in roughly 2043, Jennifer Ortega has always lived a life on the run. The daughter of a Colombian drug lord and his Mexican mistress, her and her mother had to flee Aztlan after her father was gunned down by his criminal rivals. She learned the trades of “running” and “wetwork” while traveling from barrio to barrio in the Pueblo nation, finally arriving in Denver only a few months ago. During this time, she apparently acquired extensive infiltration and assassination skills and equipment. She also is highly sexy and charming, and not above using those skills if necessary. She is adept in a variety of combat skills, including martial arts, swordplay, and automatic weapons. Her already highly unpredictable nature is enhanced by her addiction to nitro, which sends her into a berserk rage in battle. She typically remains cool under pressure, especially on disguise and infiltration runs, but she is highly vindictive and is capable of flying into a rage while on nitro. Take extra caution when dealing with her, chummer, for any misstep could be your last.


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