Shadowrun: Chum Bucket

GM Comments
sorry to need to do this

this is all out of character GM comments

Good news first

This RP/Gaming group is Hot as in on fire with the number of people that have been asking daily to join us. Nothing can make me happier than to hear that. The General Quality of players is also a good sign for me especially those with actual GM experience or willingness to Step up and take the reins for a bit as we go on. So Far the number of interested players is now up to 11! What to do with that number is a discussion for another post. Part of me wants to have a CO-GM running 2 groups that are playing in the same world. Sort of an “expanded universe” events that take place in one group can impact the other also players would be able to swap between the 2 groups. Honestly I am not sure the feasibility of it but on the other hand 2 GM’s are better than one for this.

Now some of the Bad news

Conduct at the table I didn’t think I would need to bring something like this up but one player made a character background to what I can only speculate was attempting to offend as many people as possible. I am asking him not to return at least for our RP sessions. Maybe something like that may have been funny or even interesting in another group but I will not allow it at my table. As such I am going to ask our Infiltrator character not to return. Please don’t consider this in anyway homophobic but as attempt to drug and rape a team mate is a nono in my group so I am going to ask him to leave.

I want the table to be a place of laughs, interest and something that you are thinking about long after everyone has left the table. Its a place of enjoyment and fun. while the play style of the table may go from “Diceless Role-Play” to tactical Wargames of Zap. depending on the group and the mood. I personally enjoy both settings and a good mix of each. This is as long as the table rules are not broken.

But Rule #1 is the table is a place for fun but not fun at the expense of others.

I hope the interest in this group grows into something new and unexpected and a place where everyone is thinking about whats going to happen at our next session.

GM Rant mode off

Mr's Smiley's Magical Musical Tour

Here’s the drek so far

Mr. Smiley, a fixer of some renown, has organized a group of shadowrunners to retrieve a piece of musical history. An ex-Runner himself, he figures this might be a good mission to get those wet behind the tusks chummers on the path of Fortune, Fame & Gunfire. Which comes first? Well you be the judge.

Seven Shadowrunners Walk into a Club...
In which our heroes attend a concert, Shadowrun style.

So, having been directed to do so by their fixer, Smiley, the following walk into a club:

  • Gretchen, a sewer-dwelling woman with a cyber arm and skull, an interesting set of social skills, and more knives than most people see in their lives
  • Zhavier, called Z, a twitchy rigger more comfortable interacting with the world through drones than in person
  • Sprite Forge, a hacker with a mysterious past that not even he knows
  • Kit, a social Adept who has unfinished business with the Triads
  • Anselm, a generalist about whom little is known yet
  • A combat mage with no name

and, last but certainly not least,

  • Billy, a gay pornstar turned ninja-style adept.

In a back room, they meet one Mister Johnson, aka [did anyone make a note of his name?] and a music promoter according to a handy-dandy data search. He has a job for them, and though he’s vague as hell, he’s paying 5,000 nuyen upfront, another 5k on completion of “this part of the contract.” He want them to find an optical data disc, late 20th century and “a piece of music history” that was stolen and will likely be sold soon. He mentions that paying for the disc would be acceptable, and that the group would be reimbursed, but doesn’t give a maximum they’re allowed to spend. They’re also supposed to destroy any copies of the disc that have been made.

The newly formed group accepts, and the good Mr. Johnson leaves. This is the part where most shadowrunning teams would call up contacts, run datasearches, and otherwise get on with the legwork, and indeed Sprite Forge, Zhavier, and Kit do so in their respective manners. The rest of the group gets to know each other, mainly through sexual innuendo (though it’s not clear if Gretchen actually understands one hundred percent of what’s going on, at least not in the way most people would).

Datasearches and contacts reveal that rise orxploitation star Nabo has set up a deal to buy an item matching Mr. J’s description, and that there’s at least one middleman involved. Plans are bandied about, including posing as journalists to get access to Nabo’s crib or breaking into the same. Thing is, Nabo has a concert at an old warehouse coming up in two days and is leaving town afterward, which means there’s no time to set up a cover for the journalism idea, and breaking and entering could tip off the seller. The group decides to crash the concert. It’s beyond sold out, but what self-respecting shadowrunner would let that stop them?

At the concert, they take a two pronged approach, with the ladies charming their way in as groupies. Legwork has revealed that Nabo is straight, and thus pretty likely to be immune to our man Billy’s not inconsiderable charms, so he sneaks in through the roof.

Gretchen and Kit make their way to the way to the second floor office that’s being used as Nabo’s dressing room, charm their way past another guard, and, whadaya know? Not only did he leave his commlink sitting out in plain sight, his idea of digital security is comparable to that of a chimpanzee. Downloading his emails regarding the disc sale, which refer to the music as “the lost tracks,” is a snap once they form a daisychain from Sprite Forge‘s commlink to Kit’s to Nabo’s.

About then, the shooting starts.

Turns out someone forgot to pay off the two gangs who claim the warehouse area for their territory, or something like that. In any case, there’re a bunch of gangers outside and heading in, and they’re shooting the hell out of each other. In what can universally be agreed to be a pretty wiz move, Nabo keeps the music going, trying to keep the crowd calm and in a general state of not stampeding.

Neither digital surveillance by a fly drone that Zhavier has hacked his way into nor astral surveillance by our unnamed mage reveals a safe way out of the building, so Kit, Gretchen, and Billy have to sit tight. Gretchen climbs up into the gap between the roof and the office ceiling and helps the considerably less athletic Kit to do the same. Billy stays on the roof. We leave our (anti-)heroes there, as the Lone Star security forces finally begin to arrive.

(if someone wants to add what happened after I left, feel free.

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