Chum Bucket


/n/ a fellow ShadowRunner

/n/ a bucket of fish guts used to attract larger and more deady prey.

Okay chummers, welcome to the drek.

Useful Links

The Official Shadowrun Website:

Dumpshock Nest “unofficial” site for Shadowrun info. Make sure to visit their forums

Chummer absolutely the best by far tool for character generation and upkeep. It knows the rules better than I do.

The Dynamic Shadowrun sheet is well a POS another good location to post character sheets is at

all you need to do is create an account the character sheet there is very good

and here is a video to get you in the mood.

If you want to dive into Shadowrun’s past, here is another useful link (mostly from sidebars of old source books and how the game ties into each other especially into the Earthdawn universe.)

I apologize for the condition of this site, as it’s very much still a work in progress.

Shadowrun: Chum Bucket

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